Turn An Old Sweater Into A Cushion


I’m sure everyone has a sweater or two stashed somewhere that hasn’t been worn since the turn of the century. This easy tutorial will give new life to that ill fated sweater whilst updating your decor. Recently, I wanted to update our cosy living room thanks to Pinterest, but didn’t want to spend too much. By changing a few cushions it has already made a noticeable difference to our space. Here’s a quick tutorial of how I turned my hubby’s old sweater into a cushion. The aforementioned sweater was still in great condition but had shrunk in the wash and the black and grey color scheme of the sweater matched the updated room. Due to my limited sewing skills; almost non existent, which is a shame since my mother is a great seamstress, this cushion can be done by hand by beginners with basic sewing knowledge.

For a quick how-to guide on hand sewing please go here Apartment Therapy.


  • A sweater
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Cushion insert
  • Measuring tape

You can make the cushion as big as you want, but make sure the sweater will fit the cushion insert. Turn the sweater inside out and trace the cushion insert measurements onto the sweater using a pen, include a ½” seam allowance all around the sweater. My cushion insert is 14” x 18”, so I added ½” to all the sides. If you want to save time on sewing you should find a cushion insert that is as wide as the sweater. This way, all you need to do is cut the top and bottom of the sweater off as I did, which means you have 2 less seams to sew. Otherwise, cut around the sweater which will leave you with 2 flaps.  


Using thread and a needle, add a running stitch on all 3 sides or just 1 side if you took the shortcut. Once the sides have been sewn, turn the sweater inside out again.


Pop the cushion insert inside the sweater and use a slip stitch to bind the last side close.

20170205_142712Enjoy your new cushion!




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