Interior Inspo of the Week

rimageThis week’s interior inspo yet again hails from Stockholm, let me just say they know how to do small really well. What’s amazing is that this home is even smaller than the previous home I mentioned here.  At this rate, the next inpo will be even smaller until it’s literally the size of a shoebox, but a super well-designed one of course 😉. This beautiful 3 bedroom home is 670 sq ft and is a great example of how a well-designed home can make even the smallest of spaces beautiful and functional at the same time.

Here are some ideas we can take away from this week’s home.


Mirrors The use of mirrors is a great way to make a small space feel bigger by amplifying the light, making the walls feel less enclosed, and it gives you the illusion of more space.


Glass Wall Panels The clever use of glass wall panels instead of solid walls to divide rooms is not only visually appealing but lets light through so it can reach into the deep interiors of rooms. No solid wall means the rooms feel bigger than it really is as well.


Foldable Desk When you need a desk but there’s no space a foldable desk is the solution. It also helps when the desk is the same color as the wall, making it less of a visual clutter.


Textiles The use of textiles adds warmth and cosiness to a room. The key is to use mainly one unifying color in varying shades for the room. Too many colors can easily overwhelm a small space.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s inspo. See you next week!



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