Small Space Living

Welcome to our cosy home. Our home is 70 m² or 750 sq ft, spread out across two floors with a small garage attached, bumping it up to around 75 m² or 800 sq ft in total. Typically one would find homes of that size applies to apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms for 1 or 2 people max, we’ve got 3 bedrooms for 4 people. The stairs itself eats into a considerable chunk of what little space we have. Hence, space will always be a challenge especially sharing it with 3 other humans but I’m determined to make it a great place to share with each other.

I am constantly finding inspiration on how to squeeze the most out of our small space and recently have come across Scandinavian real estate sites to get ideas. I want a minimalist, clutter-free home while still retaining a bit of style and Scandinavian interiors fits the bill. Their interiors exemplifies minimalism at its best while still being stylish without being bare, cold and sterile.  Come join me as I incorporate a bit of Scandinavian style into my home.

In the meantime, here are pictures of a rare gem of a 3 bed house that’s 71 m² I found located in Stockholm.  I love this home because it is similar in size to mine, spread across 2 floors. Although the rooms are tiny it shows how white walls can open it up and make it feel spacious and airier. Of course, having less stuff helps make a small place feel bigger as well. A few curated items on display helps make the white room less clinical and sterile. Simply put, less is more.


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